Amul Pasteurised Butter 100 Gm

100 Grams
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TypeVegProduct TypeButter BrandAmul Butter TypePasteurized Butter How To UseButter is one ingredient that is absolutely mandatory in every kitchen. This cooking essential is a favourite among chefs for its smooth rich taste. No baking can be done without dollops of butter; cake, cookies and pastries need to have butter as one of the key ingredients. The waxy texture of butter also helps to make the upper layer of roasts and pies crispy and crunchy.CompositionPasteurized Amul butter is a delicious bread spread, an essential ingredient of baking and a known enhancer for many food items. This smooth creamy chunk from the house of Amul can be added to sauce, Indian gravy and baked products.FeaturesIn every 100 gm of Amul butter, there are few calories which help to boost the energy level. Amul butter is an important source of sodium and protein. Younger children can consume Amul butter as it is a source of helpful fat and protein.IngredientsMilk Fat Min (80%), Moisture Mix (16%), Salt Max (3%), Curd Max (1%)Packaging TypeChiplets